Performer Instructions

Thank you for being a CEX Performer!

Your Actions: Send us your publicity information and presentation/videos!  See below…

Next event: CEX on the Beach in Zandvoort
Date: 11 June 2013
Time: 09:00 welcome and coffee, 09:30 start, 18:00 end
Location: Zout in Zandvoort (
NOTE: Do NOT publish this address, as this is an exclusive, invitation-only event. Invited participants will receive the location on their formal invitation email!
Dress: Business casual

Contact: Chris Parker, +31 65 350 2895,

Contact: Brigette Johnston, +31 62 049 7864,

For the website, we need a) a head shot picture of you, which will be changed to black-and-white if it’s not already, b) your Linkedin and Twitter links, c) your title and company, d) a short (100 word max) bio of you want what you will speak about, and e) a single sentence quote which we might use on the website over an image.

We are developing the day agenda to make the event a wonderful experience for the participants.  If you have constraints or suggestions about when you perform, please let us know.

There will be a Macbook, running PowerPoint, available for presentations and video.  Please send your material to Chris in advance so it can be included in the master presentation deck and to test the video and sound.  The presenations will be projected on a very big flat screen TV which provides a high quality image.  A PDF of the presentations are provided to the participants after the event.

CEX Tapes:
The presentations will be captured on video, with the thought to share them with the Customer Experience community at some time in the future…

Special Needs?:
No problem, let us know what you need to make this an amazing experience!

Any questions? Contact Chris or Brigette..