Partner Instructions

Our CEX Partners are Amazing!

The CEX Events are The Local Customer Experience Leadership Events, and are presented by CX leaders for CX leaders.  We really focus on community and relationship building.  This is your opportunity to bring the local CX community together.  As this is a non-profit activity, we go for the most special experience with a relatively low cost per guest.  We are able to make really unique and special experiences when we are working together!

Your Actions:

  • Send us your logo files,
  • send us the contact details of your company delegates which will attend the event,
  • provide your invoice details,
  • pay the invoice when you receive it, and
  • send us your list of participants.

Each partner organisation can send two delegates to the conference. Bring a LOT of business cards, as during the speed date each delegate will meet many of the participants. CEX Events are not a time to ‘sell’, it’s a time to connect. Make the connections here, and connect and sell later!

Please send a logo file (including high res and transparent background) to Chris.  We will make sure your logo is on the website and any other place we publish logo’s.  Each partner will have a separate slide during the introduction presentation for specific recognition.

Partners are also encouraged to send out press releases or other material to generate further interest in the event.

Partners may be able to participate by a) attending the event, , b) engaging in the speed date, c) providing keynote speakers ideas and contacts, and d) other ways you can think of to make this a special event.  If you want to be active in the design of the event, please let us know which one person from your company will be assigned to get involved.

An invoice will be sent to you in advance of the CEX Event.  Remember this is a non-profit, break-even event, so please pay quickly!

Invitation Process:
The CEX Partners are responsible for the identification and personal invitation of their preferred guests.  Brigette will handle the logistics after a guest has confirmed.

We want to keep the CEX Events intimate, with no more than 120 people (including participants, partners and presenters).  Therefore, we will also try and spread the number of guest across the partners.  Some partners prefer to only invite a few guests, and others prefer to invite more – please let us know your preference so we can manage the numbers.

Step 1: Provide Brigette a list of your suggested participants.  We will then review against the other partners lists to make sure there aren’t too many duplicate people or companies.  We will also check to ensure the appropriate level in organizations.  Please focus on leaders with decision making and influencing roles!  Please avoid consultants and competitors of our partners.

Step 2: Once your list has been confirmed, you need to personally invite your contacts.

Step 3: When a participant accepts the invitation, inform Brigette, who will send them a confirmation email with some basic information.

Step 4: Before the event, Brigette will send them the final logistics details and instructions.

On the event website, there is a contact form for people to request an invitation.  These requests are checked and if they are appropriate (in our target group) then we will either extend them an invite or ask if a partner would like to invite them.  For those who are not appropriate, we offer a charge for their entrance (250 Euro).  This is intended to keep the participation at the highest possible quality.

The fill list of actual participants of the event will be shared with the partners so you can follow-up.

Marketing Material:
Yes, you may bring material to provide the participants, just ask us in advance so we are aware and can confirm it won’t take away from the event experience.

Any questions?  Contact Chris or Brigette.

Contact about the concept: Chris Parker, +31 65 350 2895,

Contact about the logistics: Brigette Johnston, +31 62 049 7864,