CEX Ambition Boost Day




On the day after CEX in the City 2015, selected participants will immediately begin converting their new learnings into practical ideas and logical action plans for their own businesses.  An intimate group of customer experience leaders will be able to participate in a mastermind session with each other and with Mike Wittenstein and Chris Parker.  Mike is a veteran experience designer from the US and Chris is an enterprise CX technologist who co-founded the CEX in the City events.

Through roundtable discussions, challenge and collaboration sessions, and brainstorm/design charrettes, each invitee will make significant advances on their own customer experience projects regardless of the stage they are in: dream, design, or deliver. All in five hours!

You can expect:

  • Fast-paced, deep conversations with peers who take a keen interest in your success
  • Insightful questions and no nonsense advice that guide you quickly toward what you need to know most
  • The opportunity to compare your projects’ status, progress, and difficulties against others’
  • To be challenged in a friendly way that builds the strength of your idea and your own confidence
  • To quickly build on the knowledge you gained at CEX in the City and to take your plans to the next level
  • To walk out of the session energized, prepared, less confused, and ready for next Monday!

If you haven’t attended CEX in the City, no worries, you are still welcome.  If you would like to attend CEX in the City, contact us on the bottom of the event CEX in the City 2015.

Date: Friday, 2 October

Time: 13:00 – 18:00

Location: The CX Company office at Joan Muskenweg 22 in Amsterdam

Cost: €50-500 (ex VAT).  At the end of the event, we will provide you with a feedback form, on which you can determine the amount you would like to pay based on the value you gained.  We will then send you an invoice for the amount you selected between 50 and 500 Euro.

What you need to bring: Participants need to come prepared with a specific ambition or project which you will discuss openly with this group of CX leaders.  You will present your challenge with a very short presentation (without slides).  Most importantly, you are willing to receive help from the others and be ready to give them your insights and ideas to help them succeed.

Questions: Contact us!

Interested? Please fill out the form below, which we will use to confirm that you have an appropriate ambition or project which is suitable for the topic (and can be almost anything as long as it is connected to customer experience design/leadership).

ambition boost